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Using innovative technology to make life in your home more secure and rewarding

LifeCare@Home truly is where care and innovation meet. In our efforts to enable people to remain in their own homes as long as they’d like, we are continually developing new, creative ways to meet the varied needs of our clients. Thankfully, we live in a time when we can use technology in the service of people—to make their lives safer, more secure and more independent.

To start, LifeCare@HOME offers a free clinical assessment for an individual and his or her home. From this assessment, we are able to make recommendations for ways that new technologies may work for a particular situation and how they can be integrated into the home. We currently employ several different methodologies: Lifeline©, HealthSense©, Independa™ and other technologies that support living well and safe.


Founded nearly 40 years ago by the Philips company, Lifeline is the original medical alert service. Lifeline features a discreet, waterproof Personal Help Device that may be worn on an adjustable necklace or on a wrist bracelet. The system is compatible with both landline and cellular telephones and, while the system is currently tied to a user’s location, the company expects to introduce a GPS-enabled version soon. Lifeline also offers a Medication Dispensing Device.


HealthSense© provides technology-enabled care solutions with a full range of remote monitoring, emergency response and wellness management solutions. Using unobtrusive sensors and medical recording devices on a Wi-Fi system, HealthSense© technologies help increase independence and privacy for seniors while also helping caregivers monitor their wellbeing.


Independa™ offers integrated technologies that address several different aspects of care for seniors living at home, including social, health, activity, environmental and safety concerns. This advanced technology runs in the background and can be delivered through a television or a computer tablet. Social engagement solutions integrate well-known interfaces such as Skype and Facebook. There are also calendar, reminder and alarm functions.